Are Chiropractors Better Than Doctors? Find Out!

Chiropractors are the future of better pain management, and there’s no doubt about it. Chiropractic is growing in popularity; it has the fastest growth rate of any health care profession.

Chiropractors are now treating every type of pain and problem known to man. Some even offer a full range of alternative types of treatment such as Homoeopathy and acupuncture. And they’re doing so at a time when people need them most.

Conventional Medicine

Most common conventional treatments for low back pain prescribed by general practitioners involve drugs and exercises that don’t do much good. After a few months, the pain persists.

The reason is that the cause of low back pain is not treated, but rather the symptoms are. Low back pain can have many different causes, but many GPs don’t find out what those causes are.

Chiropractors Do Care

They provide a full range of treatments for all kinds of health problems. They also spend far more time than most doctors listening to their patients to understand how best to help them get better and stay well.

Today’s chiropractor also uses advanced diagnostic tools which means, they can now identify health conditions accurately before any treatment is given.

Chiropractors use imaging techniques such as CT scans and MRI daily, as well as plain X-rays. These modern diagnostic tests are used to match the most suitable treatment for each patient’s symptoms and circumstances.

Their Experience in Managing Pain

Chiropractic also has a very long track record of treating back pain successfully, much longer than any other health profession. Research shows that chiropractic’s main claim that spinal misalignments or subluxations causes many kinds of illness is also correct. The evidence also suggests that 3 in 4 adults suffer from subluxations at least once in their lifetime.

Today’s chiropractor doesn’t just know how to treat back pain successfully. They know how to deal with problems ranging from headaches to heart disease, asthma to allergies, and even, in some cases helping children get on better with one another.

So why aren’t more people visiting their local chiropractors? Unfortunately, there is still much confusion about what it is that chiropractors actually do.