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  • We Carry Imported Baroque Furniture From Europe

We Carry Imported Baroque Furniture From Europe

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We Build Our Own Throne Chairs

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History Of the Throne Chair

Throne chairs as previously mentioned are a staple of our historical past. While a throne is now seen as centerpieces for festivities such as weddings, baby showers, sweet sixteens - they resemble much more to that. A throne historically represented a seat of power which was originally reserved for popes/bishops which was later adopted by monary and the Crown.  

One can discover a lot about the country in which their throne chairs originated from. Throne chairs have ranged from primal chairs made from clay to elaborate chairs such as the one in Game of Thrones, the Iron Throne. Although not seen in the West any longer, the throne still retains its  value as a religious and cultural item.

The Very First Throne

It is believed from historical evidence that the very first throne originated from the ancient civilization in Egypt. Not only is there evidence of throne chairs but also a throne room - a room dedicated to incase the chair! The room was used for royal matters and meeting other high powered officials.  The thrones were decorated with gold, ivory, and other elaborate stones or raw materials. These thrones were often raised above ground to signify the pharaoh being as revered as God.

In China, chairs were classified and associated with classes of people. Only those who were of the higher class could sit on a throne chair. Chairs were eventually associated with Dynasty.

Modern Thrones

Modern thrones began to take shape when Christianity began to spread throughout the world. Popes and priests are now ubiquitously associated with thrones. These thrones are now seen in cathedrals, churches, and other historical sites.

In Asia, thrones are still as present as ever especially in places such as India, Japan, Korea.

Thrones , in summary, have become a symbolism of our historical past and a connection we have to religious and divine authority.